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After much consideration I have decided to change the regularity in which I send out subscription boxes.

I currently send a box out every month however from March 2022 I will be changing this to one box every 3 months.

The price of the box will remain the same at £28 per box plus delivery.

Everyone who currently has a subscription will have to repurchase one in May 2022 as the payment system will change to taking a payment every 3 months and unfortunately I can’t change the current subscription to this. Everyone who has a subscription in March will be first to get offered a subscription for the 3-month boxes. I will then work through the waitlist until all spots are full.


Subscription invites will continue to be sent out for February and Marchs boxes meaning those on the waitlist can still subscribe before the change occurs. Your subscription will just get cancelled before the beginning of April but you are guaranteed a spot to re-subscribe in May for June’s box.  


The new system as a whole will work much better as you will be able to update methods of payment, addresses and cancel subscriptions yourself. Also, if I do in the future bring back the monthly subscription boxes you will be able to change this without having to cancel and re-subscribe. Additionally, if payment fails, subscriptions will no longer automatically cancel but just be put on hold until payment is taken.


Payment will be taken the month prior to boxes being sent out.

This means I can extend the payment date from the 1st to 10th of the month to the 1st – 25th giving people more options for when payment is taken from their account.


After March the next payment will be taken in May and the next box sent out in June.

Boxes will fall on the same 4 months each year.  Making it a quarterly subscription box.

March – Spring

June – Summer

September – Autumn

December – Winter

Monthly Muse (1).png

As each box falls on the month which starts a new season I will be changing the muse of the month to the muse of the season.

Everyone subscribed in February will be entered into the draw to feature as the summer muse. Then everyone subscribed in March will be in the draw to feature as the Autumn muse. 

Winners will receive their box for free for the season they feature as the muse. 

The boxes will revolve around a theme relating to the book in the box. All books will be hardback and newly released (either the month prior or the month the boxes are sent out) and will come with 3-5 bookish themed items.


Reasons Behind the Change

While I am working full time in another job I am struggling to find the time for this business however I don’t want to give up on it. By cutting down to a box every 3 months I am able to give myself more time to work on building the business, finding good content for the boxes, and interacting more on social media.


I am sincerely sorry to anyone who may be disappointed by not receiving a box every month and I do hope in the future I can bring these back. However, for now this is what’s best for me and the business.


Thank you again to all my subscribers past and present and those on the waiting list. You’re what keeps these boxes going and I’m forever grateful for your custom and support.


I will still be working to increase the subscription list which in time will allow me to increase the quality and quantity contained in the boxes. My dream will always be to one day reach enough subscribers to begin featuring special edition books with art and sprayed edges and I believe changing to a quarterly subscription box will allow me to reach this goal sooner.