Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abraxas Boxes?

A fantasy book subscription service based in the UK. You can subscribe to receive one magically charmed box every month, including a recently released hardback young/new adult fantasy book. Accompanied with 4-6 themed items consisting of fandom merch and bookish goodies. Most items will be exclusive to the box.

What are my payment options and how do they work?

There are currently two payment options to choose from. 1. Pay monthly - receive one box each month, payment taken on same day you first purchased the plan each month. Automatically renews and you can cancel anytime. 2. Single purchase - once subscriptions have been purchased any boxes left over will go on sale for single purchase, this means you just buy one box as a one-off purchase. Subscriptions will be available to purchase from the 1st - 10th of every month. Any boxes left over will go on sale for single purchase. If you are buying a box for single purchase you will need to purchase it before the 15th of that month to guarantee receiving it the same month.

What do you mean by theme?

When we say theme, we are talking about the theme of the box. Each month we introduce a theme for the box. The theme is always chosen based on the book featuring in that month's box. The items and fandoms included are then chosen based on this theme. We include an illustration to show the theme and one subscriber gets to feature in this illustration, known as the muse of the month.

What do you mean by muse of the month?

Each month one subscriber will be chosen at random to feature in the theme art. The theme art (see above) will see the subscriber portrayed as a fantasy character in a magical world. They will also receive their box free that month. The longer you subscribe the more entries you will get. Once a winner has been chosen they will be contacted, told what the theme and artist are for that month and if they are happy to go ahead with being the muse it will be revealed on social media. The muse can choose to remain anonymous or choose someone else to be the muse (this must be someone they know who has given permission).

What age range are the books suitable for?

As we occasionally choose books from the new adult genre, there can sometimes be mature content, therefore we recommend ages 16+. As you're never too old for fantasy books, there is no upper age limit.

What if I already have the book?

We try to make this as unlikely as possible by only including books that have been released either the month prior or the month you will receive the box. However, if you were to already have the book I'm afraid we don't offer returns and would recommend selling the book on or giving it to a charity.

What items will be included in the boxes?

You can expect a variety of magically charmed items, including candles, bookmarks, notebooks, book sleeves, enamel pins, tea towels, hats, scarfs, mugs, jewellery and so much more. No one box will be the same. We're always open to suggestions so if you have an item you would love to see in the boxes send us a message and we will look into including it in one of our boxes.

How are books selected?

All books are selected by me (Libby Reed, owner of Abaxas Boxes). I read many early copies of books to make sure I select the very best for you. All books are from the fantasy genre and I aim to include books with a range of diverse and complex characters.

When are boxes shipped?

Boxes are shipped around the 18th - 20th each month. There may be occasional delays if I don't receive items on time, but I will always try to make sure you receive the boxes the same month of purchase.

What payment options can I use?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

What countries do you ship to?

Currently shipping is only available in the UK and to the USA. Australia Brazil Canada Japan Hong Kong New Zeland South Africa United Kingdom (UK) United States (US)

Is shipping tracked?

Yes, we send all our boxes via tracked delivery.

What do I do if a product is missing from my box?

We weigh all our boxes to make sure every item is included in each box, however if an item is missing, get in touch via our contact form on the website. Let us know which item is missing and your order number.

What do I do if an item is damaged?

If an item arrived to you damaged, get in touch via our contact page. We will most likely ask for photos of the item before sending a replacement.

How do I cancel my plan?

To cancel your plan get in contact via out contact form or email to let us know you wish to cancel and we will do the rest. Please note you must ask to cancel your plan before the 1st of the month you want to cancel for. E.g. if you want to stop payments from March onwards you must cancel your plan before March 1st. Asking us to cancel it after will only stop your payments from April onwards.